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Solenoid Pump


Suitable for No. 2 and lighter Fuel Oil, not compatible with fuel blends containing more than 5% biodiesel
4 gph nozzle capacity, 100 - 200 psi, RH rotation, RH nozzle, and 3450 rpm.
Other configurations and low speed models available.
12 vdc, 24 vac, 115 vac, and 220 vac solenoid coils available.
Combines capabilities of both diaphragm and solenoid dumping fuel units.
Cut on/cut off speed controlled by cone valve diaphragm valve circuit.
Cut on/cut off speed controlled by solenoid dumping circuit.
Suitable for use with a standard primary control, or a pre-purge/post-purge primary control.
Normal cut on with a pre-purge primary control is 3450 rpm.
Normal cut off with or without a post-purge primary control is 3450 rpm.
The diaphragm valve insures cutoff at burner shut down.
Patent pending and UL approved.
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Last modified: January 2017