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Suntec Industries Incorporated was founded on April 19, 1984 by a purchase from Sundstrand Corporation of their Sundstrand Hydraulics Division. Sundstrand Hydraulics was formed as a unit of Sundstrand Corporation in 1934 to build high pressure hydraulic pumps, motors, and valves for machine tools and oil burner pumps.

The first oil burner pumps were built in 1931. Today, pumps are used for residential, commercial and industrial heating, as well as various other applications. Special models are built for gasoline and JP4 fuel used mainly on government applications. These models meet both temperature and application specifications and are used by the government for airplane ground heaters, portable shower bath units, and space heating.

Gear sets from these small pumps are used for small hydraulic applications where quiet operation, low cost, and reliability are required. Many of these are for dental and medical chairs and the internal gear type continues to meet these requirements. 

Fuel pumps remain the company's primary product. Plants are located in Glasgow, Kentucky and Dijon, France.


Glasgow, Kentucky 


 Dijon France



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Last modified: January 2017