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Two Stage Model B Replacements for Model H

Model H

1725 RPM Replacement 3450 RPM Replacement
(HA)HB2BB-100   B2TB-8261
(HA)HB2BB-300   B2TB-8261
H2BB-100 B1VB-8213 B2TB-8261
H2BB-300 B1VB-8213 B2TB-8261
H2BC-412 B1YC-8254 B2TC-8262
H2PB-100 B1VB-8213 B2TB-8261
H3BB-100 B1YB-8253 B2TB-8261
H3BB-200 B1YB-8253 B2TB-8261
H3PB-B100   B2TB-8261
H3BA-100 B1YA-8252 B2TA-8260
H3BA-200 B1YA-8252 B2TA-8260
H3PA-100 B1YA-8252 B2TA-8260
H3BC-100 B1YC-8254 B2TC-8262
H3BD-200 B1YD-8255 B2TD-8263
H3BC-C200H   B2TC-8259
H3PAN-C150H   B2TA-8249
H3PAN-C160H   B2TA-8249
H3PBN-C254H   B2TB-8258
H4PA-200 B1TA-8256 B2GA-8932
H4PAN-C151H   B2TA-8930
H4PAN-C161H   B2TA-8930
H4PC-C200H   B2TC-8931


Due to differences in shaft sizes between models, it may be necessary to change the coupling or use a "Suntec Shaft Adapter" for connection to the existing coupling.  PN# 3754753

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Last modified: January 2017